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About: Program

Q. What is Aikido?

Q. What is Ki-Aikido?

Q. What is the difference between Ki-Aikido and other Aikido?

Q. Can you tell me more about Ki?

Q. How to train someone on Ki who has no life force?

Q. What are the benefits of Ki training?

Q. Since KI is intangible, how can I train Ki?

Q. What is coordination of mind and body?

Q. Is Ki-Aikido a dangerous martial art?

Q. Is Ki-Aikido dangerous to my well being?

Q. Would I be more aggressive after learning Ki-Aikido?

Q. I am all stressed out. Can Ki-Aikido help me?

About: Eligibility

Q. I am already in my mid 40’s. Does learning Ki-Aikido benefit me in self defence?

Q. I am a lady looking to practise some form of self defence. Will Ki-Aikido be useful for me?

Q. I am in my mid 50’s. Given my age, do you think I will be a hindrance to others who may be younger than myself?

Q. I am currently 60 years old. Would I be able to join the Ki-Aikido programme?

Q. If I have a medical condition, is it advisable for me to practise Ki-Aikido?

Q. I have back/knee injury. Can I still practise Ki-Aikido?

Q What is the age group like in your class?

About: Organisation

Q. Is your organisation registered?

Q. Is there any other school of Ki-Aikido in Singapore?

About: Enrolment

Q. When can I join the school as a new trainee of Ki-Aikido?

Q. What are the criteria for me to join Ki-Aikido class?

Q. If I am interested to join the program, whom shall I contact?

Q. How long is each training session?

About: Promotion

Q. How long does it takes before I am eligible for grading?

Q. How long does it takes to get a black belt?

Q. How much is the training fee?

Q. Aside from the period training fee for the lessons, what other fees do I need to pay?

Q. What is your promotion scheme like?

Q. Do you issue certificate for promotion?

Q. What kind of certificates do you issue?

Q. Where can I find more information?

NOTE: The above questions were compiled from public queries. Future public queries will be added periodically.
If your query is not in our FAQ list, queries can be directed through our website or to alicek332@yahoo.com.sg

Useful links to Ki Society HQ, Japan:
Ki Society HQ: Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido
Ki Society HQ: Ki-Aikido Institute
Ki Society HQ: Ki Development Institute


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