Coordination of Mind and Body


An enrichment programme to refine our potential for daily life, sports and the arts.

Four Basic Principles to experience mind & body coordination:-

  • Keep One Point – Be composed.
  • Relax Completely – Be comfortable.
  • Keep weight Underside – Be contented.
  • Extend Ki – Be positive.

Following these Ki principles, beginner experience mind and body coordination instantly. This coordination becomes infinitely deeper and powerful with constant practice.

Ki Training Curriculum

To develop mind and body coordination. This includes analysing postures for developing stable mind and body.

Mind and Body Coordination Exercises

When standing or sitting still, it is relatively easy to maintain mind and body coordination. When we move, however, we tend to lose this coordination. These practices guide us how to retain this coordination in daily life, including martial arts.

Ki Breathing Methods

When we are stressful, nervous or upset, our breathing is constricted and shallow. The Ki breathing exercises regulate vital energy flow for deep relaxation and vitality.

Ki Meditation

Instill immovable mind and awareness. This practice enables us to fully develop unification of mind and body progressively.

Ki Therapy (Kiatsu)

Healing methods using internal energy (Ki)

Misogi (breath/mind training)

Exercise to cultivate will power and stamina.


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