Over the decades our lives have been inundated with new technologies and innovations which are supposed to make our lives easier. Instead with rapid economic changes, growing material needs and educational demands have also contributed to many of us being caught in the rat race, making our lives more stressful and anxious.

Globally and especially in Singapore, the increasing emphasis on excellence in education, the children of today are subjected to tremendous pressure to perform well. Their lives are filled with anxiety and stress and their ability to manage themselves becomes a great concern to many parents. This unhealthy state of affairs highlights the need for parents to search ways to allow their children to better manage the situation and live a healthier happy life.

In Singapore, adults are no better than the children. Every working adult faces a highly competitive, demanding and ever changing globalised market whereby managing career and family can be very stressful and strenuous, both mentally and physically.


The ability to relax is crucial to accomplishing important tasks. Clarity of thoughts and calmness in action will help us cope with anxiety to accomplish our daily tasks more efficiently. Our curriculum inculcates mental alertness, positivity and physical agility through cultivating the mind and body by a systematic approach to nurture mental and physical health.


Formulated by Master Koichi Tohei (10th Dan Aikido), Founder of Ki society HQ.

The Ki Development programmes are non-strenuous with comprehensive physical and mental training which promote firm mind, proper postures and deep relaxation to relieve stress and anxiety to improve health. An excellent opportunity for both adults and children to develop composure in daily life. The programme comprises of:


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