The ability to be clear minded, centred and relax are crucial to accomplishing important tasks. Clarity of thoughts and calmness in action will help us cope with anxiety and accomplish daily tasks more efficiently. Our programme inculcates awareness, positivity, confidence and physical agility by a systematic approach to nurture mental and physical health.

Our programme involves:

Coordination of Mind and Body – Shin Shin Toitsu Do

Through various exercises, postures and movements, beginners can experience unification of mind and body coordination instantly.

The feeling of this coordination becomes more meaningful and powerful if practised on a daily basis.

When standing or sitting still, it is relatively easy to maintain mind and body coordination. However, when we move, we tend to lose this coordination. These practices guide us how to retain this coordination in our daily lives including Ki-Aikido techniques. 

Aikido with Mind and Body coordination ( Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido)

The arts are an expression of Mind and Body coordination in motion.

It is a balanced, full body form comprising of circular movements; gentle and harmonious yet powerful.

Aikido with Mind and Body coordination trains us to be relax and calm even when we are busy or under pressure.

Ki Breathing and Ki Meditation in the program further enhance training in mindfulness and relaxation.

Ki breathing teaches us to regulate energy flow for deep relaxation and vitality. Ki meditation instill in us an immovable mind and awareness.


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