Dojo @ Kampong Ubi CC

10, Jalan Ubi, Singapore 409075.
Tel: 6742-3564

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Jonathan Anthony Neo Sensei, current instructor for Kampong Ubi CC, is a meticulous individual with interest in the Martial Arts, Fitness and Health. From 1982, he explored the realms of Jujitsu, Karate and TKD but remained a free spirit till he found Ki-Aikido Singapore in 1993, since then a student of Francis Chong Sensei. Was formerly the instructor for Changi Simei CC till he was reassigned to Kampong Ubi CC.

Besides attending various Ki-Aikido workshops conducted by the late Iwao Tamura Sensei and Taketoshi Kataoka Sensei in Singapore, he’s the only Yudansha who had participated in the Ki-Aikido International Taigi competition held in H.Q. Tochigi-Ken Japan. In 2000, together with CI and ACI, Anthony Sensei attended the World Camp held at Ki Society H.Q. Tochigi-Ken Japan, with the honour of meeting/attending seminars by Founder of Ki Society i.e. Master Koichi Tohei.

His other disciplines now, includes Krav Maga but primarily Unarmed Combat.  He still looks into documentations for self development and engages in intellectual exchanges with friends in the disciplines of Wing Chun, Southern Praying Mantis and MMA. As a Trainer, he has acquired various certifications between 2005-2010, such as Method of Instructions, Coaching for Performance & Development, Facilitation for Team Learning, Problem Solving with Critical Mind and etc, which he can utilise in conducting innovative and engaging lessons.


Adult Class: 12 years old and above
Day/Time: Wednesday, 7.30pm-9.00pm  

Frequency:  Once a week except except Public Holidays and Eve of Public Holidays

Venue: : Level 2 – Dance Studio

S$80 for 8 sessions (Passion Member)
S$100 for 8 sessions (non-Passion Member)



– 5th Kyu experiencing Tanto Dori for the first time (Yokomen-uchi Shihon Nage)

– Practicing Tanto Dori

Self Defence Demonstration

– Participants wore the rarely seen White Tee of Ki-Aikido Singapore

– Thanks to all who were present.


– Practicing Jo Dori

Martial Arts Night Demonstration


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