Aikido with Mind and Body Coordination


This programme further enhances our training of mind and body coordination.

It is another form of Ki training as well as martial arts. The arts are an expression of mind and body coordination in motion which do not depend on gender, age, physique or strength. It is a balanced, full-body form of movements, ideal for both adults and children to enjoy without strain or injury.

Unification of Mind and Body during motion is not easy. It is even more difficult when we are faced with problems or attacked by others. AIKIDO with Mind and Body Coordination trains us to be relax and calm even when we are busy or under pressure with proper self-control, confidence, productivity and leadership.

Ki Development Exercises – To develop relax power.
Oneness Rhythm Exercise – To harmonise Ki flow.
Ki-Aikido – Internal (Ki) martial arts practice using effortless power.
Taigi – Pre-set series of Ki-Aikido arts practised in sequence as an expression of Ki flow.
Instructors Class – Expound and practise Ki principles together as a community.


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