2001 November

23 NOVEMBER 2001


To put it simply, it is the application of what we learn from our Ki and Ki-Aikido programmes to our everyday activities.  For a start, all of us have; a physical body, a mind, as well as other faculties.  A study of the first two aspects alone is already interesting. Interesting because there is so much to realize from it. For example;

Body: How can we train the body to produce maximum power without exerting needless physical strength? When we can achieve this effortless flow, our daily activities will be very relaxing. We will be free from physical stress!

Mind: It is well known that the mind controls the body.  However, the mind should first be monitored. If the mind is disciplined, the body will not be abused by a faulty mind. We will have a peace of mind!

Mind and Body Coordination: We should first understand the mind and the body. Then, when we train to coordinate the mind with the body, our inner power will manifest with amazing results.  The ways to go about achieving it is truly fascinating!

Others: There is also the emotion. Emotions arise from thoughts coming to the mind.  With a peaceful mind and a relax body, one should be contented, for a start!

– Francis H S Chong, Chief Instructor, Ki-Aikido Singapore

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